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Our expertise lie in being able to penetrate the ever-changing dimensions of global currents. The end result delivered to each client is created to stay steady at the pinnacle of quality. We constantly strive to raise the bar to set new industrial standards. With a client base spanning across Southeast Asia, we have become the go-to human enterprise in these subsets of specialization; Designing and Restructuring Company Portfolios, Company Profiling -  including Mergers and Acquisitions, ‘Seed to Launch’ Blueprint Models, Strategy Copywriting and Consulting Education Establishments.




" An idea is an instinct.

Don't leave it unattended; make it into a process.”

- Bhavnit Katesarin Singhsachakul

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Company Profiling

First impressions make lasting ones. A predominant company profile is an effective way to introduce your business to clients. Revenue generation can spring to larger levels when your company clearly and concisely informs its audience about the products and services you offer. Our team will furthermore work towards translating your thoughts and ideas into a professional compilation, which in turn becomes your showcase to the world. Social media profiling, big picture company resumes, covering live events, corporate scripts, digital and website creation, tagline techniques, among many other profiling collaterals. Our unprecedented ideas and conceptual frameworks lead to strong, professional and emotional connections to create instant brand affinity.

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Company Portfolio


Expansion has to be handled with impeccable management. We begin by creating a roadmap for you that equips you with the tools to positively imprint your brand name upon every individual in your supply chain and end-user. Qonsultant brings clarity to your vision by creating a sophisticated yet simple-to-understand plan. In addition to that, we specialize in company restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions; including reviewing profit-loss statements. Adding to the list, we assist companies to grow by creating strategic alignments to ensure that this synergy results in mutual benefits from economies of scale and scope. This process aims to subsequently eliminate redundancy whilst shifting focus on core competencies.

Ocean Rocks

Seed to Launch


“Everyone has a professional vision; and these visions are worth building upon."

Building a company from what seems an impossible and tedious task process to many, is a department our company takes pride in. We first create a mind-map to help our clients pinpoint the direction in which they choose to begin, thus carving a path for us to build  upon. Boulders such as lack of  funding, legal issues and functional corporate mishaps will always be thrown your way, but we have spent years building on our own portfolio to prevent such unnecessary delays while launching your company.



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“There are times where attention needs to be called for, and we know just how to do it. “

Credibility and trust forms a fusion that insists on burying its space in every booming firm and media (including social media) holds the definite solution. Whether it's  press release, full-feature articles, editorials, hosted interviews or TV broadcasts, the outcome is one that creates waves. Some of our company's media platform affiliations that cover just the tip of the iceberg are:





Market Watch

Viacom 18

ZEE Network

Channel News Asia

Adult Students

International School Acquisitions

Qonsultant believes in educating generations. We have a clear understanding of the educational infrastructure and our forte lies in consultancy to international and private schools who are looking to differentiate from their competitors to elevate their standards and reputation. On the other side of the spectrum, the number of education establishments and international schools that are listed on the acquired charts are constantly on the rise. Our company's internal research has shown that the main reason school owners are putting up their profitable businesses for sale is mostly retirement, migration and internal shareholder disputes. We tread with cautious steps on projects like these since a merger or an acquisition in this industry can prove to be of delicate nature, taking into account the young lives involved.

Contract Review


This branch focuses on copywriting, ghostwriting, editing and proofreading content for books, high-official speeches, websites, marketing materials such as brochures and pamphlets, to name a few. Our entire team (proficient in both English and Thai) revolve around writing as they fathom the intensity of how the written word has a comprehensive power over the human mind. It leaves a huge impact that tends to be etched forever. Bearing these strong ideologies in mind, the team works in high synergy to punch higher than the weight class.


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Behind every viable plan lies a simple idea, a random thought, or an inquisitive question. The importance of wondering ‘how to’ or ‘what if’ in order to harness your capabilities is one that is echoed by successful businessmen and enterprising individuals across the globe. Many of the world’s top performing ventures likewise had humble beginnings starting off simply with their founders daring to do things differently. If you believe strongly in an idea or even just have a loose collection of thoughts, it would truly be not advisable not express it or explore its potential.


Our team works very closely with you to design a plan that is unique, viable, and in accordance to your needs. We endeavor to reflect your individuality in the business model as a way to ensure your personal and company legacy. From the legal department to creative advisors, you will receive the best support and guidance throughout the entire business development process. Come to us with your ideas, leave with a fully tailor-made operational plan.


Based on analyzing your target market and your growth prospects, we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to take you where you want to reach. Whether local or international, we have the network and resources to make it happen.


Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to. An online presence is important for outbound marketing because it reinforces your brand and what you offer to your target market. We have the full team to help you achieve this


One of the most important elements when developing a business model is access to a reliable source of funding. With our affiliation to countless VCs, we are equipped to help you get the funding you need. Our team can assist you with refining your funding proposal, presentation, as well as cover the legal aspects. Even though some feel any form of funding prevents many enterprising ideas from blossoming into successful businesses, working with us eliminates this obstacle.

We Are Professional



We listen to our clients and work within the proposed budget and timeline.  

We Have a Global Hold

Celebrating more than a decade in the industry, we have created a ripple  effect as a company who has connected the dots on the business map.

We Are Experienced

Our client portfolio stretches across South East Asia which gives you and your company a wider perspective. 

Our Belief

There's always 'SPACE' for expansion...

Why Us?
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                        Shannon Kalayanamitr/ Partner @ Gobi Partners 

I am constantly amazed at the depth and strength of Bhavnit’s creative resources and networks, seen in every level of the process from ideation, structuring, all the way to execution.  Her extensive network and alliances to many big players in the market is impressive. Working with Bhavnit is like working with a hammer... she nails the right concepts on the correct nails!


Star Network (Disney)

Bhavnit Katesarin is one splendid consultant to work with. Her enthusiasm, direct approach and constant pursuit of excellence are her most significant attributes. She constantly competes with herself and ensures each project she undertakes attains better results than the last. We’ve had an exciting journey and look forward to many more projects in the future!

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Bhavnit Katesarin has been a sharp consultant, one who always plans way ahead paying close attention to minute details. One to be never fazed easily, she strategizes with a very clear mind. Moreover, she is not only methodological but also possesses the rare skill of being able to communicate her ideas and their associated benefits effectively, which in our case resulted in a full development of three brands under our company in one year. Simply put, she gets results.

Bhavnit Katesarin to me is a visionary, a trailblazer. As a person, she has an astounding wealth of knowledge and is continuously pushing herself towards excellence. What I love about her is her high energy and the intensity with which she delves into every project she takes on. You can see that she becomes totally immersed in it, and is determined that it must have a most spectacular outcome. ‘The same’ is never an option with her; as every idea has to be more creative and ingenious than the last. I trusted Katesarin implicitly with my portfolio because I know she puts her heart and soul into whatever she undertakes. -Kumu Handa

Intellect Property Consultant @ JNP Legal

Qosmos International Co., Ltd

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